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g r e e t i n g ' s

from the Bay Area.


I'm the maker behind Knot Just Paper. I'm a one-woman show. Living a double life. By day. I work part-time for my local School District. And by night. I moonlight as a Paper Goods + Textile Producer. I Create and design a variety of Handmade Paper Goods.


PAPER GOODS? Good question! When people think of paper. they might immediately think of greeting cards. While that may be true, there are so many Other creative ways to look at paper. When you think about it. paper can be transformed into something creative and inspiring. such as handmade cards, stationery, stickers, tags, labels, and home decor. 

Knot Just Paper by Maritza Garcia unfolded behind-the-scenes nearly 8 years ago. It all became very clear to me the day I was planning for my youngest daughters fifth birthday, after handcrafting all the decorations and getting so many wow’s, Aahs and High-fives from friends and family. It was then and there that I knew paper and me, were meant to be.


My work has given me the opportunity to also help design and co-host major family events. As well as have clients contact me for help in designing something Special for THEIR own upcoming events. In the past year. i have been contacted by a few companies to work on collaborations. I produce focal point creations, such as Card Boxes, Party Favors, Banners, Back-Drops, and Centerpieces Among other paper goods. also. in the near future i Intend to launch my own Stationery line. 

All products at knot just paper by Maritza Garcia Are Always made with love and care.


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